Personal Branding; The difference between our folks in the 60’s and now


Vijay Bhana (my late dad) was a business tycoon in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. An owner of over 18 businesses in the Eastern Cape at one stage of his career. A staff contingency over 500 employees and hundreds of clients. Everyone knew Mr Bhana, who was a strong leader in his circle and community.

One day I “googled” his name and only this article came up from an esteemed professional and friend Dave Robinson, now based in Australia.

“VJ Bhana had made it to the very top of the Indian community in Port
Elizabeth. A wheeler-dealer supreme, he owned a number of shops and
businesses. Whenever we went out for a meal he would take his briefcase
– a travelling cocktail bar. Any old whiskey just would not do. It had to
be Bells or Johnny Walker. Rusheel, VJ’s son, was like my son’s twin,
despite any differences in appearance. As kids they were always at each
other’s houses.”

The reason why I am sharing this is that back then, 10 years ago – our parents didn’t have the internet or social media. This is all that I have of my dad as reference besides VHS and old school pics. Because of the tech savvy age we live in, we might as well take advantage of it and leave a legacy behind on the internet. We are no longer in small communities where business deals are done in a certain area. We can now do business 24/7, anywhere in the world and link up with almost anyone we want to; this is the beauty of our digital era.

So do yourself an exercise – “google yourself.” Type your name in the search bar and analyse yourself. If you pass away now, what will you be known for. Offline personality, friends and your network will always remain, but what will you be known for online. One day, your kids will want to know more about you, and what will they do. They will surely “google” you.

I’ve done this exercise a number of times,”googling” my name (Rush Bhana) where I religiously grow my online base with constant updates on my personal brand. Here’s some info on my personal brand online with 4 pages of google search engine content, and perhaps you could learn from me and work on your brand, and share tips and feedback of course.

My personal website –
Business website –
Personal and Business Blog –
Entrepreneur Magazine Article –
Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Slideshare, BizCommunity, GivenGain
YouTube and Vimeo sites
Professional Sites iv commented on
Free Business Listings
Google Images
As a professional Entrepreneur and Marketer, my brand is what sells. I nurture it, so clients can call me, so my family can be proud and so that I can look back and say “Hey, I’ve achieved stuff over the years”.

Of course every individual has a different target audience. For eg You could be a Doctor, Accountant, Physiotherapist, Photographer, Yoga Instructor, Small Business Owner and have different strategies taking your plan forward.

Start your personal branding adventure with a strategic plan, targeted to the right audience and just be the awesome you that you really are.

If you ever need to chat, I’m 1 message away! In upcoming posts, I will share the importance and the value personal branding creates, along with various solutions to building your brand.

Comments and Feedback will be appreciated.

1Love everyone.

Thanks Rush

“Follow me on my journey and lets create magic together!”

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